Second Patch is in the works

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 - Development, News, OOTP Fantasy Leagues.

So were are at beta release 1.0 day +3 and a few glaring shortcomings have come up rather quick. In addition to the missing tables bug found by Corsairs Wednesday which promoted a quick first patch to be released, I also found a couple other minor cosmetic issues that I addressed.

I also found that as the mod gets updated, there is going to need to be a way for league owners to upgrade without having to replace all the league files and re-run the installer. So for the second patch, I am working on a system to update both the database with any changes that might need to be made as well as three of the core CodeIgniter config files that contain custom league data.

The process is pretty easy. I’m really just replicating the same steps I take in the installer, just using *_upgrade.php files instead of *_install.php and using the information already in the global config files. Pretty easy as they’re all constants. The one pain is that to get this system installed and running is going to require anyone using 1.0 or 1.0.1 to make a manual change to their constants.php file. No biggie though. It’s just a couple lines.

Corsais had a good suggestion for functionality regarding required database files and pointed out some bugs in the individual table loading page which will also be addressed.

I need to make sure this new upgrade process is going smooth before patch #2 comes out, but it will likely be by or before Wednesday. So stay tuned.

Have you downloaded the mod and are giving it a try? Drop a note and let me know and give me your thoughts about it thus far in the feedback forum.


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