OOTP Fantasy Leagues is a custom online mod designed to be used along with Out of the Park Baseball Versions 15 and up. It is a standalone web site mod that can be used for both online and solo leagues.

Technical Information


  • Jeff Fox: Creator, Lead Developer

Special Thanks

A huge thanks to the following for their contributions to this mod:

  • Frank Esselink: Developer of the StatsLab Online Utilities mod for OOTP. Code contributions from StatsLab are utilized for database loading, stats on the player profile template and draft functionality. Thank you Frank for allowing me to use your work as a basis for my own in these areas.
  • Dave Williams: OOTP mod artist, OOTP Fantasy league Logo
  • 1.0 Private Beta Testers:
    • William Thomas (Kagnew)

    Special thanks to the members of the Planetary Extreme Baseball Alliance who helped test this utility.

Suggest a Feature/Report a Bug

If you find a bug or wish to suggest a feature to make the Fantasy Leagues mod better, please either visit the official mod web site at

Discuss the mod and keep up on changes and updates

Hack the code

Have an idea to extend the mod or improve the source code? Have at it! It’s free, open source and available for checkout or download at Google Code. Any and all contributions are greatly accepted and appreciated.

Thanks for using this mod and enjoy playing your fantasy leagues