Download the most exciting Web based mod for Out of the Park Baseball, OOTP Fantasy Leagues.

The current release version is:

1.0.2 (Jan 2017)

See the official release threadfor detailed release information.

Download OOTP Fantasy Leagues
Version 1.0.2, Complete Installation.
Released: 1/8/2017
2.8 mB ZIP file


Zip Archive Contains:
OOTP Fantasy Leagues source files
Admin User Guide
Commissioner Guide
HTML Release Notes

Are you running an older version?
You can upgrade using both the 1.0.1 Patch Release and 1.0.2 Patch Release files. See the forum for important upgrading notes. Users of any other version prior to the 1.0 Final must uninstall and use the full installation.

Interested in an earlier release? Browse the Release Archive.

Need help with installation and setup?

See the Administrators Guide included in this download for detailed installation instructions. You can also get help in the official technical support forum.