Q: Do I have to own a copy of Out of the Park Baseball to run an OOTP Fantasy league?
A: Yes. The entire structure of the baseball league, including teams, players, events, etc, whose stats power the fantasy league site are all generated from the data output by the OOTP game. Without the game, this data would all have to manually created and updated for each sim.

Q: What versions of OOTP are compatible with OOTP Fantasy leagues?
A: Versions 15 and up are compatible with this mod. Versions 14 and earlier are no longer supported. If you’d like a version that might work with these older versions, please post a note on the forum.

Q: Does it cost anything to run an OOTP Fantasy league?
A: Yes. While the fantasy league software available on this site is free, you do have to pay for a license for the OOTP game itself as well as a web hosting plan that can support running the site. We recommend talking to OOTP community member Fidel Montoya about a plan on his excellent All Sim Baseball site. We also recommend MediaTemple or Verio web hosting.

Q: Do users of my site have to own a copy of Out of the Park Baseball to play in my OOTP Fantasy league?
A: No. Anyone can join and participate in an OOTP Fantasy League, no game required. All that’s necessary is a web browser and a desire to win!

Q: Can users of my site create their own leagues? Are there any ways to restrict this?
A: Yes and Yes. User can create their own leagues. This ability to turn this on and off as well as set a limit on how many leagues users can create is located in the Admin Dashboard.

Q: Can this mod use real MLB player stats ike Yahoo and ESPN fantasy leagues?
A: Kind of. If your running a historic MLB replay or using the major league roster set available in the game, you’ll get stats for real MLB players. The stats, however, will come from the OOTP game, not real life. At present, the mod does not support pulling in, parsing or using real time, real world major league baseball stats as the costs associated are likely prohibitive.

Q: Can I run an OOTP Fantasy League using this mod on the same server as StatsLab?
A: Yes. The mod has been fully configured so it does not conflict with StatsLab. You can load it to the same or separate databases using the same or separate SQL upload directories and database files.

Q: Can I run multiple OOTP Fantasy League on the same server using the same OOTP SQL Folder or database?
A: Not at this point and time. Separate sites based off different OOTP games require separate SQL upload directories AND separate databases.

Q: What do you mean by OOTP Game and your Fantasy Leagues?
A: OOTP Game refers to the baseball leagues that your create within the OOTP game itself. Your Fantasy Leagues refers to the individual fantasy leagues that you can create within a Fantasy league web site.

Thanks for all your questions and keep them coming!