OOTP Fantasy Leagues 1.0 Public Beta Available for download

Major announcements relating to the Fantasy league Mod

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OOTP Fantasy Leagues 1.0 Public Beta Available for download

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The OOTP Fantasy Leagues mod is now available for immediate download. Grab your copy today in the release section.

Download and installation

This release includes a PDF Administrators guide which includes instructions for preparing your server and installing the mod. It also includes a summary of the Administrative functions on the site.

Additional guides for commissioners and users are in the work and should be ready by the final stable release.

Getting Support

OOTP Fantasy Leagues is a free open source project aimed at providing a new level of immersion to the world of text sim baseball. The mod is written in PHP using the open source CodeIgniterframework and utilizes an MVC based design.

If you extend, enhance, or create plugins for the mod, we ask that you share them back at the mods Contributions forum.

Spread the Word

Tweet the release, post us of your Facebook wall, Digg us, Stumble us, Fark it. Whatever you can do to get the word out helps us and helps the OOTP game as well.

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