Beta 1.0 Patch #1

Major announcements relating to the Fantasy league Mod

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Beta 1.0 Patch #1

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Well, we didn't even make 12 hours after it's release before the first show stopping bugs have appeared. Thanks once again to Corsairs for jumping right in and bringing them to my attention.

The main ZIP file on the 1.0 Release page has been updated to 1.0.1 but in case you downloaded the mod before 12:00pm EST today, you can update your files using just the patch file below. Simply extract it and overwrite the files on your server with those included.

Bugs/Issues addressed in this patch:
  • Unnecessary PHP Notices appearing in site
  • Added list of required OOTP data tables to the OOTP League model
  • Fixed error when the site was looking up OOTP league events in a non-existent table
  • Added a check to the admin dashboard for required OOTP data tables that may be missing
  • Added highlights to required OOTP data tables on the Admin "Load Individual SQL Files" page
Download OOTP Fantasy leagues 1.0 Patch 1
(version 1.0.1, last updated 9/30/2010 12:45pm EST)

Main 1.0 download page.

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