Beta Release 0.5

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Beta Release 0.5

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: Version 1.0.1 is now available.
We recommend you download that version due to bug fixes and other enhancements,

Announcing the Release of OOTP Fantasy Leagues Version 1.0.5 Beta

This is an upgrade release with some significant enhancements. Users of previous releases are encouraged to upgrade.

Upgrade Notice

NOTE: Due to changes in both the database and core site files, it is strongly recommended that you remove any previous installations and reinstall the mod using this build. NOTE: No patch is available for this release.

Changes in this release

Addition List:
  • Player Trades including league protests, commissioner approval and expiration dates
  • Rotisserie Scoring Support (4x4 - 6x6 roto leagues)
  • Player Ratings (visible in Rotisserie scoring leagues)
  • (Admin Only) Sim Processing Summary Logs
  • (Admin Only) Additional Tools and OOTP links options
Change List:
  • Private Leagues are now truly private and accessible only by league members
  • Player information appears on player news editor and player news pages
  • Page refresh time on Draft Status screen
  • Improved Draft List management
  • (Commissioners Only) Act As any league owner on the Draft Selection page
  • (Admin Only) Revamped Sim processing Engine
  • (Admin Only) "Load All SQL files" loads only required tables by default
  • (Admin Only) Manually process waiver claims once per scoring period
  • Bug Fixes
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