1.0 Final - Release Candidate 1

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1.0 Final - Release Candidate 1

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Announcing OOTP Fantasy Leagues Version 1.0 Final, Release Candidate 1

This release is a community preview of the final source code for OOTP Fantasy Leagues version 1.0. It features several bug fixes and a number of new administrative functions and features aimed at helping game admins and commissioners run their leagues.

: Version 1.0.1 is now available.
We recommend you download that version due to bug fixes and other enhancements,

Changes in this release

Change List:
  • reCAPTCHA spam bot prevention
  • Improved password security
  • More visible Bug reporting Link
  • Contact League Commissioner Page
  • Team Position Eligibility Report
  • Add message to Commissioner with Public Team Request
  • (Commissioners Only) Send message to user when denying a team request
  • (Admin Only) Member Management Tool
  • (Admin Only) Customizable About page
Bug Fix List:
  • Draft Admin: Initiliaze Draft Issues
  • Local Timezones issues
  • Current Team on Player Bio Shows team from incorrect league
  • Team Add/Drop not returning valid JSON
  • League Trades not appearing in admin list
  • New Registrations posted without email addresses
  • Prevent import of sim data outside expected date range
  • Rotisserie standings blow up with 0 scoring teams
  • Draft: Auto Complete Draft Stops at last round
  • Team Lineups: Roster manipulation issues in second scoring period
  • Preventing out of scope processing hides necessary post-sim options
  • Site Displays double teams for each user site wide
  • Head to Head Records Incomplete
  • Compiled Rotisserie stats/points incorrecly escalating
  • Current Search Result Page Must Reset when new search is submitted
  • Illegal Roster team excluded from rotisserie standings
  • Trades expire in OOTP league time, not real time
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