Beta Release 0.2

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Beta Release 0.2

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Announcing the Release of OOTP Fantasy Leagues Version 1.0.2 Beta

: Version 1.0.1 is now available.
We recommend you download that version due to bug fixes and other enhancements,

This release features several bug fixes and a number of new administrative functions and features aimed at helping game admins and commissioners run their leagues.

NOTE: Due to changes in both the database and core config files, it recommended that you remove any previous installations and reinstall the mod using this build. If you choose to upgrade using the available patch of changed files only (located below the main download link below), please see the technical support notes on upgrading from 1.0x to 1.0.2 BEFORE you begin your download.

About this release
Download and Installation

This release includes a PDF Administrators guide which includes instructions for preparing your server and installing the mod. It also includes a summary of the Administrative functions on the site.

Please note this new PDF contains a section containing a list of all required MySQL database tables.

Changes in this release

10/22/10 - Update: Amended Admin Guide with appendix entries for directory permissions and instructions for manual installation of the mod.

Change List:
  • Added Breadcrumbs to League Admin Pages
  • Draft: Fixed bug that allowed admins or commissioners to draft before draft date
  • Updated display of divisions editor and info screens
  • Fixed Stats display bug on player profile page
  • Minor UI tweaks
Addition List:
  • Added Social media Settings to Admin dashboard
  • Added social media sharing options to News pages
  • Added check on site to show site admins a warning when the install folder is not deleted
  • Added File selection options on SQL File lIst
  • Added automatic selection of core required SQL files on SQL File List
  • Added highlighting of required files and alert when mysql.sql files are missing from SQL upload directory on SQL File List
  • Added check on admin dashboard for SQL and config updates from patches
  • Added ability to update both the database and core CodeIgniter config files through update files
  • Updated constants
  • Added new warning CSS styles

Version 0.2 Beta, Complete Install.
1.9 mB ZIP file

You may also download just the changed files:
Download OOTP Fantasy Baseball Leagues Beta Patch 2
Please see the technical notes on Upgrading from 1.0, 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 in the Technical Support Forum.