Scouting Players sort problem

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Scouting Players sort problem

Post by jmknpk »

Issue 1:

When I review the player (batters) list for scouting, I sorted by OPS. The list only sorted within the first page displayed. The second page contained players who should have sorted up to the first page. The second page did not appear in the sorted order selected for the first page.

Solution: When a column header is selected to sort the list of players, the sort should apply to all players in the entire list regardless of page. The sorted list should re-display the first page to show the players at the top of the list.

Issue 2:
When I clicked a column header to sort, the list sorted in ascending order. When I clicked the column header again, hopefully to sort in reverse order, there was no action.

Solution: When clicking a column header once, the list should sort. When clicking the same column header a second time, the list should sort in reverse order.

Issue 3:
When I had sorted the first page, then navigated to the second page, then navigated back to the first page, the sort order on the first page had been undone. This issue is probably related to Issue 1 somehow.

Issue 4:
When sorting on player name, the sort is performed on first name. I don't know how easy it is, but most people would probably prefer that the sort be done on last name.

Issue 5:
I selected free agent pitchers, then went to the last page (22) of the list. I then selected free agent batters, and hit go. I found myself at page 22 of 27 of the batters list (I assume because I had been on page 22 of the pitchers list). Maybe that's by design, but I think the preferred action when selecting a new group of players would be to navigate to the first page (top) of the new list.

Issue 6:
When I am viewing a batter list and want to choose a pitchers subset (such as MR), I choose "pitchers" from the player type drop-down. Then I attempt to choose "MR" from the position drop-down, but it is still displaying only batter positions. I was able to hit "Go" after selecting Pitchers and then the pitching positions were available in that drop-down. It would be nicer if it wasn't necessary to hit "Go" after selecting "pitchers" in order to see the pitching positions in the "position" drop-down.

Issue 7:
When at the "Teams & Owners" page, no matter which owner I select, the Fantasy Teams shown on that players page is my own. I would expect to see the teams that the owner I have selected owns instead.

Issue 8:
From the draft list, I click to select a player. It takes me to a screen with "Players" and "Stats" as options at the top. I select "Stats". It takes me to the stats page. That all seems to work fine. But then I select the "Players" link at the top of the page, hoping to return to the player I had just been viewing. But clicking that link has no result. Not sure, that may be the desired action.

Hopefully this is the type of feedback you're interested in. If not, please let me know.

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Re: Scouting Players sort problem

Post by jfox015 »

This was super helpful. I am looking into a solution to address issues 1-5. I have an idea, I just need to implement and test it out (likely to be done while beta testing the season sims).

Issues 6 might be done this week and Issue 7 I can't reproduce.

EDIT: OK, I had a quick idea on how to fix #6 tonight and I got working. Woot! issue 7 is going to fall to 1.0.6 as I need to do a bit of work to get what I want to do to work. We need a solid 1.0 so I'm not going to destabilize the codebase again just yet. After 1.0 goes live. :D

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