What is OOTP Fantasy Leagues?

OOTP Fantasy Leagues is a web based online mod for Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP for short).

What versions of OOTP are supported?

OOTP Fantasy Leagues currently supports OOTP versions 15 and up.

How are OOTP Fantasy Leagues different from ESPN, Yahoo! and other fantasy leagues?

A normal fantasy league season takes place concurrently with the real-life MLB season. The active players on an owner/GM’s team receive points/rankings based on the stats their real-life counterparts accumulate in real-world Major League Baseball games. Fantasy seasons run from opening day to the last regular season game each baseball season.

OOTP Fantasy Leagues is essentially an online stat processing service for fantasy leagues that want to use players from an OOTP universe instead of real-life MLB players. So instead of real-life baseball players accumulating stats in real-world games, the stats come from OOTP players playing in simulated games played by the fantasy league owner using OOTP.

In other words, OOTP FL will allow fantasy owners to build a fantasy team from players in an OOTP universe.

As the game owner (who owns the actual OOTP game and has created the league) simulates games in OOTP, it will take the accumulated stats of these players on the fantasy rosters, tally up the points they’ve earned based on their stats (using each individual league’s scoring system), and keep track of the fantasy team standings in the league.

Fantasy owners can scout, draft, add and drop players just like in a normal MLB fantasy league. And more tools and features are still on the way.

What does this mod cost?

OOTP Fantasy leagues is a 100% free and the source code is available on Github. You are free to download, install, run and even modify the code as you see fit. All that is asked is that if you do make updates or fix issues or add a feature or plug-in, you share it back with the OOTP mod community in our forum.

The only real cost of running an OOTP Fantasy League is derived from the need for web hosting, which can be as little as $5/month depending on the chosen hosting package.

What are the benefits for OOTP Game Owners and Commissioners of OOTP Online leagues?

While OOTP is considered to a niche game for those who enjoy playing and managing a text based baseball simulation game, OOTP Fantasy Leagues opens the door to participation by casual baseball and fantasy league fans as well. Any OOTP game can be utilized as the engine for a fantasy league, including leagues based on current MLB rosters, historical MBL leagues (like 1927) or completely fictional leagues as well.

Some of the benefits include:

  1. It allows fans of more popular online leagues who aren’t actually GMs to at least indirectly participate.
  2. When the MLB regular season ends, hardcore fantasy baseball fans can get an offseason fantasy fix by participating in a fantasy league based on an OOTP league using MLB or fictional rosters.

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