About the Mod

OOTP Fantasy Leagues is a custom online Web mod for Out of the Park Baseball. It is a standalone web site mod for both online and solo leagues. The mod is free to use.

The project began in the Spring of 2010 to include Fantasy stats and calculations in StatsLab. It became its a standalone site after that. It's been an exciting journey bringing the mod to life. Hopefully, it makes for an exciting enhancement to your online or solo League experience.

Thanks and Acknowledgments

A hearty thank you to all those who have supported and contributed to this mod throughout the years.

  • Frank Esselink for his excellent work on StatsLab from which code contributions are part of this project.
  • John Rodriguez Former Commissioner of the PEBA. A significant supporter, evangelist and contributor to helping me beta test the early stages of the mod with members of the PEBA including:
    • Pete Grassi (peteg9699)
    • Kevin Lewis
    • Michael Topham
    • Tyler Babcock
    • Jim Lupin
    • Bill McKenzie (tribefaninnc)
    • Paul Tanner
    • Michael Czosnyka
    • Daniel DiVincenzo
  • Fidel Montoya at All Sim Baseball. Fidel graciously provided web hosting during the various rounds of beta testing for this project.
  • Markus Heinsohm and Andreas Raht. For building the coolest baseball game on the planet, which inspired the creation of this mod. Thanks to all those at OOTP Dev, who bring this and other great sports sims to life every day.

Photo & Code Credits

  • Made with CodeIgniter, open source MVC Framework by Ellis Labs.
  • Road to Release Photo by Clay LeConey on Unsplash.
  • OOTP Fantasy Leagues Web Site and Dev Blog HTML Templates by Colorlib

Do you need a Web Developer?

Do you have a web site project in need of a developer? You can hire the developer of this mod for your project too. Want to find out more? Look at my Consulting Web site for more information. Or reach out with a request using the contact form on this Web site.