Release Notes

Version 1.1

Release Date: May 22, 2020

Version 1.1 is easily the biggest and best update to the OOTP Fantasy Leagues since the 0.5 beta release, which introduced Rotisserie Scoring and Trades. Read below to view all the enhancements and bug fixes included in this release.

NOTE: This is a new production release. Users of previous versions of the mod are encouraged to upgrade by deleting prior versions and performing a clean install of the mod before using.


  • Revamped League Listing page
  • Newly improved News System with updated editor, News Digest and Article Display
  • Updated Informational Widgets on News Articles Pages
  • Player Stats added to Team Linup Screen
  • Upcoming Starting Pitcher indicators on Team Lineup Schedule and Player Info page
  • Upcoming Starting Pitcher list on Team home page
  • Roster Status Page in League Admin
  • League Status Box on Administrator Dashboard
  • Added Head to Head playoff support features such as upcoming Playoffs alerts, and Playoff banners on League and Team home pages
  • Added options to have transactions set as Enabled or Disabled during Head-to-Head Playoffs
  • Rewrote head to head game schedule engine to now base schedules on OOTP schedule LSDL files
  • Added list of League owner protest messages to Trade Review page
  • Users requiring activation alerts in Admin Dashboard
  • Added options to Draft to bypass injured players and use player ratings for Rotisseries Leagues when auto-drafting
  • Added options for Commissioners or Users to withdraw Team Invites and Requests
  • Added ability for Commissioners to view Team invite and Request history
  • Added a site member drop down to team Invite screen to allow for choiice to invite member list or using external email addresses
  • Small Profile display and privacy updates

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed broken email system (moved off CodeIgniter)
  • Fixed major trade data issues
  • Fixed Rotisseries standings display issue
  • Fixed Stats Display issues on Trade and Trade Review pages
  • Stats and schedule display fixes for Team lineup page
  • Fixed several 'no default value' errors in Trade process
  • Fixed issues with Offering and Accepting trades on the Trade page
  • Moved old News and League search pages to the Admin Control panel
  • Fixed waiver claim issues on Player Info page
  • Fixed issues with email messages not being sent as part of the Team Invite and Request Workflows
  • Fixed issues with anonymous users seeing pages requiring logged-in status.
  • Fixed issue allowing Team owners to received further team invites
  • Fixed issues preventing drafting draftable players
  • Fixed numerous typos throughout site copy
  • Fixed bugs in SQL loading where comments and special characters caused import failures
  • Fixed draft bug where choosing auto draft after picks had already been made resulted in illegal rosters post-draft
  • Removed outdated and non-working social link options (site uses only AddToAny now)
  • Removed outdated and broken Spam Captcha functions