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About OOTP Fantasy Leagues

About OOTP Fantasy Leagues

OOTP Fantasy Leagues is a custom online mod designed to work with Out of the Park Baseball.

Technical Information

  • Version: 1.1 Beta
  • Released: 5/18/2020
  • License: MIT License and GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3
  • Author(s): Jeff Fox: Creator, Lead Developer

  • A huge thanks to the following for their contributions to this mod:
    • Frank Esselink: Developer of the StatsLab Online Utilities mod for OOTP and concurrently Getch’s Online Utilities which inspired him. My thanks to Frank for graciously allowing me to incorporate portions of his StatsLab work into this mod.
    • Dave Williams: OOTP mod artist, OOTP Fantasy league Logo
    • 1.0.x Beta Testers: (OOTP Forums ID in parens)

      Special thanks to the members of the Planetary Extreme Baseball Alliance who helped test this utility.
      • John Rodriguez (Corsairs) - Former Commissioner of the PEBA
      • Pete Grassi (peteg9699)
      • Kevin Lewis
      • Tyler Babcock
      • Michael Topham
      • Jim Lupin
      • Bill McKenzie (tribefaninnc)
      • Paul Tanner
      • Michael Czosnyka
      • Daniel DiVincenzo
      Additional Beta testers:
      • William Thomas (kagnew) – (RIP Bill)
      • Robbie Warburg (hobbitrjw)
      • Jordan Wilson
      • Chris Herzegovitch
      • John Sawitski

Suggest a Feature/Report a Bug

If you find a bug or wish to suggest a feature to make the Fantasy Leagues mod better, please either visit the official mod web site at

Discuss the mod and keep up on changes and updates

Visit us at the official thread on the OOTP Forums at:

Want to contribute?

OOTP Fantasy Leagues is 100% free and open source and the source is publicly available on GitHub. To contribute, head over to the official Github page, fork the project and send pull requests with your updates.

Thanks for using this mod and enjoy playing your fantasy leagues.



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